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Title: Evaluation/test board
Post by: Graynomad on March 28, 2011, 07:43:04 PM
Something I've had in mind to do for a while is an "evaluation" board to use as a basic proof of concept. I have now started the design and am planning the following...

A single PCB with several independent components

a) A master controller (MCU). An ATmega1284 with RTC and USB interface. MCUs will typically be hidden somewhere behind the scenes, the USB allows field upgrades and diagnostics but MCUs don't normally talk to humans. A network has a single MCU.

b) A network control node (NCN). NCNs do talk to humans, they are normal nodes but they have a user interface and the "authority" to ask for information about points and also read/write system parameters. An NCN can therefore be used as the main display for the network. The NCN I'm designing has a 3.2" LCD with touch, USB, SD card, buzzer etc. A network can have as many NCNs as makes sense, normally to allow displays in separate areas.

The board will have one MCU and one NCN.

c) Nodes. Between 5 and 10 nodes of various types. Just to get the ball rolling I'm thinking the following simple types


but maybe a couple of more complex nodes like GPS should be added as well, plus a prototyping node.

All the above will be on a single PCB with the network "wiring" being some traces on the board. Thus an entire network can be emulated on a single PCB.

However, just so this isn't wasted, all the above can be snapped off, put in an enclosure and used for real.

Any thoughs in this welcome before I get to into the design.

Title: Re: Evaluation/test board
Post by: Graynomad on April 27, 2011, 07:25:43 PM
PCB finished, see (

For some details.