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 Living on the Road :: FAQs

I field a lot of questions about photography and motorhomes and do my best to answer well. I seem to be of help at times...

"Thankyou so much for your very detailed answers. They were perfect! I am extremely grateful and hope your photography continues positively in the future. You have been a huge help indeed!"

Which is most gratifying and the reason I respond as well as I'm able.

Sometimes however I get thrown a real curve ball...

"Hi Rob,What makes a really good landscape image? what is meaning? How can I easily get to peoples emotions? I'm a student photographer who has a week to produce a really good image in England that will win me loads of brownie points!! help"

I'm not sure there is an answer for this.

As there are four general themes to the questions, namely motorhome hardware, living on the road, photography, and student research questions, I have split this FAQ section into two parts dealing with motorhome stuff.

The photography FAQ is under the Nature Photography section.



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