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 Nature Photography :: About landscape faces

My original idea was simply to create symmetrical landscape photos from my large-format negatives by scanning, duplicating, and flipping the images on my computer, and that's exactly what I did for a while. The results however, while pleasant enough, were not inspiring.

Then I flipped Bridal Veils Falls to create a symmetrical waterfall.

As I merged the two halves of the waterfall, the face of an elderly man, with a long wispy moustache, appeared in the centre of the newly created cascade.

I stared at it for ages.

But was this a one-off?, or would I find more faces in my landscape photos?

This Faces in Nature gallery answers that question.

I find that I can still look at these images for long periods, often seeing new faces months after first viewing an image. Some faces look benign, some even comical, but I find many to be quite menacing.

I'm also finding that, just like an ink blot test, different people see different faces. Where I see an ogre, my wife sees a clown, where I see humour, someone else sees menace.

Maybe, like the ink blots, you see what you bring to the image.

It's for this reason I have not captioned the images, nor provided any supporting blurb. I feel that you should see what you see, without any influence from me.

I'm certainly enjoying this new phase of my image making. Is this serious art?, I've no idea. Is it better or worse than my "straight" landscapes? I don't know. Does it matter?, Nope!

The only thing that does matter is that I'm having fun doing what I'm doing, and that I'm producing new and interesting (to me at least) work.

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