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Susan, Spring House, PA, SA
Received your pictures yesterday. They arrived in great shape. I should have them back from the framer soon to join the other pictures purchased from your collection.
I hope you continue to add to the face collection. I've had several positive comments about your work when I have visitors to my home.
Best regards,

Johan, Paris, France
I received the prints yesterday, they are really beautiful, better than I imagined, Thanks a lot!
Larry, New York, USA
They arrived and they are wonderful. Just as I had hoped for. I'll be getting them framed and matted next week, and then they'll be hanging on my wall.
Gavin, NSW, Australia
Just wanted to write to you after recently getting one of your posters, of the image 'God's portal'. It's a lovely image, and the poster brings out a depth of subtlety which isn't so easily seen in the web version.
Robert, NSW, Australia
Purchased your CD of the website some weeks ago, have had a great time rereading your journals of building the motor home and the "getReal" journals of your travels to date. I love your sense of humour, I cracked up many a time while reading.

Would enjoy more ongoing details re the motor home expenses/consumption, etc.etc, if possible.

I have enjoyed looking through the 1200 odd photos too.

This CD was the best value $30 I have spent in a long time.

Jim, Texas, USA
Rob, I received my print yesterday -- "Bridal Veil Falls II".
I'm extremely pleased with the composition and luminance displayed in the photo. It's very comforting to know that the fine art black & white print process is still alive and well. Such beautiful tones.

Thanks so much for the care used in packaging and shipping. The presentation folder is a wonderful touch. Looking forward to purchasing my next print. Perhaps on my birthday -- only a few months away!

Peter, Belguim
I've just received your photographs and I must say they're absolutely great! They'll be awarded a very special place in our house.
Phill, Norwich, UK
Received the prints today. I must say that I was a little overwhelmed by the detail in Eroded Dome compared to the web version. Its only when you can compare them in the flesh that you truely appreciate Superb work, well done. I am sure I will purchase a few more as and when the money is flowing more freely.

Thanks for the prompt service and of course for the photos.

PS. Seems that others from APUG are also very pleased with their purchases.

Sarah, Broken Hill, Aus.
I received the prints and they are fantastic, thankyou. I am getting them framed as we speak.
Nazli, Sydney, Aus.
The quality of the photograph was better than I had imagined. The contrast of the 'black' rock and the 'white' light made it a perfect black and white photo!

Thank you.

I have now completed my set of three b&w photos, and I think this one is my favourite.

Thank you again.

Laura, New York, NY, USA
I received the print last week and I love it - it's beautiful!
Thanks and all the best

In February 2003 I received an order for a 60x30" print of Geehi Sunset from Lou and Gail in St Louis, MO. The print was delivered in a damaged condition due, we think, to over inquisitive customs officials. The story unfolded as is shown in the following excerpts from our emails.

Hi Rob
Unfortunately, I have some distressing news -- the photo was delivered today with significant damage.
It was delivered at about 1230. Within the half hour, my wife and I then took it to Pace Framing and Graphics, which is just a few blocks from our home. Paula Lincoln, one of the framers there, cut open one end of the sealed tube, peered inside and said, "Oh,oh." Our hearts sank...Rob, the image is gorgeous and the reason we rushed straight away to the framers was so that we could have it up as soon as possible. But we can't, in all good conscious, proceed to have it framed with the damage it's suffered...Of course we feel terrible about all this, but need to know what can be done now?

Lou also sent several photos of the damage, one of which is below.

Hi Lou,
Firstly, I'll send you a new print ASAP so don't worry about that...my guess is that some curious soul in customs has decided to take a peek...I'll order a new print today and get it done as fast as possible. I should be able to ship it within a week.

Hi Rob
First let me thank for getting another print sent out. That is deeply appreciated...I was wondering about the customs thing to, because I can't imagine anyone at your end handling the print in a manner that would cause so much wrinkling and I personally saw the care our framer took in opening the tube and taking it out at this end...I took another close look at the tube and your theory may be right on...

Hi Lou,
Your print left today...

Hi Rob
Great news about the print being on it's way...We (as I guess you) are most fervently wishing for this one to arrive in sound condition. Seeing the print that was damaged was so frustrating, yet tantalizing. We have a small collection of large scale B&W's in our second story loft and Geehi Sunset will be the crown jewel. It really is an amazing shot, but then, I suppose you know that :-)

Hi Rob
Well, this is a first -- Sunday delivery! Geehi arrived this morning -- with the tube and Australian flag stickers intact.

Hi Rob
All is well in St. Louis! I took the shipping tube to Pace Framing and Paula carefully opened and unwrapped the print. It arrived in immaculate condition -- thanks for the extra care in packing.

Hi Rob
Well, Paula from the frame shop delivered Geehi Saturday. With a 4 1/2" mat all around, it's huge and it took a van to get it here. Yesterday we hung it. It was a project that took several hours because I had to carefully measure the placement of the supporting bolts and then figure a way to hoist it up about 20'...
The photo is breathtaking, looks unbelievable and I've attached a photo of us celebrating.
Thanks again, Rob. I can look to my left as I'm typing this and though I can't quite explain it, there is something very rejuvenating about Geehi Sunset. It's grand.

Lou & Gail celebrate after getting Geehi Sunset on their wall. The print doesn't look very large here, but it's over five feet wide.

As they say in the classics, "All's well that ends well". My thanks to Lou and Gail for allowing me to use this story and their photos.

Toni, Jersey City, NJ, USA
I received my poster and it's beautiful. I am having it framed so I can hang it in my living room. Thank you
James, Incline Village, NV, USA
Thanks so much for the follow-up. The poster got here in terrific shape and now hangs in my living room. People ask about it and admire your work.
On the other wall is some of my work and people ask me, "Is this the same guy?" I'm flattered they'd even think so. Anyway, I'll be ordering again soon - keep up the travels and excellent work.


Tennille, Washington DC, USA
The posters are fantastic. They make wonderful gifts for my new American friends, and also do a nice job of reminding me of home on my own walls. Thankyou so much.

Lynley, Germantown, MD, USA
"Wow! What customer service!!!! Thank you for the follow-up e-mail.
My husband and I have received the poster and absolutely love it. The photo is striking! I hope that you are able to produce prints in the near future so that we may continue to view, purchase and appreciate your work!
Thank you..."
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