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 Nature Photography :: Limited release prints

Limited release prints are now available at robgray.com

If you purchase one of these prints you will not only own a beautiful photograph but one that is truly unique.

There are no other prints exactly the same as yours,
nor will there ever be.

You will be one of at most 10 people in the world with that image on their wall and the other 9 will be slightly different.

What images are available in limited release?
All the photos featured in the Portfolios are available as limited release prints.

What is a limited release photograph?
Limited release photographs are those I have selected as being my best images and made available for purchase by collectors.

Is this the same as a limited edition?
Pretty much. Technically the prints in an "edition" should be printed at the same time and in the pre-digital days this was generally how it was done. The photographer would spend days or weeks in the darkroom producing the edition prints then store them until they sold.

These days it makes more sense to print on demand. Photographers produce each print as they are ordered.

Are all the prints in a release identical?
Not quite, each print has a micro watermark and the location of this mark varies from print to print. The water mark is so small that it is not noticeable when viewing the print, in fact it can be hard to see even when looking for it.

Are the prints signed by the photographer?
Yes they are, each print is signed just under the image area in an oversized border. The date of printing and print number within the release is also written there.

How many prints of each image will be released?
All new releases are of 10 prints total. Some of the older images have higher limits because I have already sold more than 10 prints.

To limit the number to 10 is a difficult thing for a photographer to do and I know most have 200, 300 or even 1000s in a "limited" edition.

300 photos is not limited any more than the new "limited edition" Ford Bronco is. No one but the most famous of photographers will ever reach anywhere near 300 sales form a single image, so the limit is essentially "all I can sell in my lifetime".

Do I get a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, each print comes with a certificate mostly because collectors want one to help with the provenance of a photo, but also because it is required by law in some countries.

The certificate states the image caption, date of printing, print number and edition size. As with the print it is signed by the photographer.

Can the artist use these images for other purposes?
Yes I can. I reserve the right to use the images sold as limited release prints in publications (such as books, magazines, calendars, online, posters, and in the portfolios available on this site), and to make 'artist prints' (unsigned and not for sale) available to public institutions or for exhibitions.

This approach is in keeping with the aim of limited edition prints, which is to make my work, and your print, more valuable by getting the images as much exposure as possible.



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