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 Nature Photography :: Limited release prints :: Sizes

Photographs are available in 9 generic sizes, from "a" to "i". The table below shows the physical sizes of the longest edge of the print's actual image area, there is a border as well so the print will be slightly larger.

a ::
15" (381mm)
b ::
20" (508mm)
c ::
26" (660mm)
d ::
33" (838mm)
e ::
43" (1,092mm)
f ::
56" (1,422mm)
g ::
73" (1,854mm)
h ::
95" (2,413mm)
i ::
124" (3,150mm)

The other dimension of the photo will depend on the shape of the image. If you need to know exactly what size an image will be get in touch. Not all sizes are available for all images, and the sizes are nominal, ie. they can change slightly according to the image shape.

Why are some photos not available in certain sizes?
Two reasons, print size and scan resolution. Take the two hypothetical photos depicted in the following graphics...

It doesn't make sense to print LONG PHOTO at 10 inches in width because it would only be 1 inch high. At the other end of the scale, to print SQUARE PHOTO 65 inches wide it would also have to be 65 inches high, this would require a scan of 16,250x16,250 pixels which equates to a 790mb file. None of my photos are capable of being scanned to that resolution, although some come close.

The table at the bottom of each photo's folio page detail the sizes available for that photo.

Having said that, custom and often larger sizes can usually be made, it depends on the image. Contact me for details on other sizes.

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