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I used to run photographic workshops in the Blue Mountains, however when we hit the road I had to shut them down, so until I can teach at a workshop again here's a few tutorials.

These are short anecdotes, each with a snippet of information about how a photo was taken, why a particular lens was chosen, a particular technique was used, etc.

#12 Panoramas 1
Think outside the square, panoramas aren't just for wide landscapes.
#11 Better nature photographs
Ten tips that will help you become a better nature photographer.
#10 Just a little extra
A good photo can become a really good photo with just that little extra.
#09 Keep it simple
Reduce the clutter and get a cleaner, stronger photo.
#08 Is there film in that camera?
When faced with the possibility of action, make sure your camera is ready.
#07 Working the subject
If possible, always shoot a subject from different angles.
#06 Leaning verticals
Normally leaning verticals look bad, either fix them or make them lean more.
#05 Lens flare
Lens hoods don't always shield the lens properly, fortunately you have an adjustable shield on the end of your arm.
#04 Your own shadow
Sometimes it's difficult not to get your own shadow in the shot.
#03 Anticipation
Try to anticipate what your subject will do.
#02 That lens is too long
Normally, when photographing birds, the longer the lens the better. But not always.

Just what is the subject?
I'm confused, am I photographing a mountain or a shed?

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