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I saw this shed as I was riding back from taking a "real" photo with my large-format camera.

The light was fading fast go I grabbed a quick shot before really thinking about the composition.

Fig 1: My first shot, a weak composition.  

As you can see this is a fairly weak composition, the shed roof merges with the horizon and there is too much vacant sky and boring foreground.

By dropping to my knees and moving a little closer I fill the height of the frame and strengthen the composition considerably.

Fig 2: Much stronger now and there's no confusion as to what the subject is.

I lost part of the mountain but decided that this was a photo of the shed, the mountain makes a nice backdrop and is important to the shot, but it's not the subject. It's more important to place the shed in the right place within the frame.

So next time you approach a subject think a little before firing away. Maybe a slight change of viewpoint will give you a much better photo.

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