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 Download Wallpaper

Load the 1280x1024 (normal screen)
version of this wallpaper image (190kb)

Instructions for Windows users

  • Decide which image size is appropriate for your screen.
  • Click the appropriate link to load the image onto a new browser window thereby downloading it to your computer. This may take a while depending on your connection speed.
  • When it's displayed on the screen...
    • IE, right click on the picture and select "Set as background"
    • NS, right click on the picture, select "Save image as (rgxxx_xxx_xxx)" and save to your windows folder. Then select the file using the screen properties dialogue.
    • Opera, right click on the picture and select "Save image as > desktop background"

For other browsers/operating systems
Sorry, I don't know but the links link directly to the images so you should be able to download them in a manner appropriate to your system.



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