Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #00423

'Injidup Grove', Injidup, Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP, WA


There's something magical about spending some quiet time in a grove of gnarled trees on a rainy day.

Such was the case on the 12th of Feb 2003.

I'd caught a glimpse of these trees from the road the day before, and in fact had photographed some other trees nearby without venturing into this grove. On this day however, when I found the light turning into 'bright overcast', I knew exactly where I wanted to photograph.

I spent a couple of hours with these trees, making a total of four photos (one of which was really just a variation of Injidup Grove) within an area no more that 50 yards across.

Such a small area, and yet I still feel that there are many more photos photos to be found there.

From the moment I saw this composition I liked it, and now, after living with the image for several months, and finally seeing a print, I find this photo is becoming one of my favourites.



Camera::Tachihara 5x4 field camera
Lens::90mm Nikkor
Image size::7016 x 3401 pixels


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