Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #10516

Johnstons (or freshwater) crocodile, Windjana Gorge, Kimberley, WA


Windjana Gorge is the only place I know of where you can lie on the sand within a few feet of a crocodile (actually you can do that in a lot of places, but at Windjana you won't get eaten). Not that 'freshies' are particularly dangerous, it's just that they usually run a mile at the sight of a human.

I spent hours doing just that (lying on the sand that is), watching this croc as he watched me. By and large they don't do much which is why you have to spend so long and in all that time the only indication I had that this fellow wasn't dead was the fact that his mouth occasionally changed the amount by which it was open.

It was late afternoon and the sun had long gone from the bottom of the gorge, but that's good for this type of photo. Bright sunlight would have been way too harsh, the 'bright overcast' affect created by the indirect light shows detail well but lacks punch, hence the use of flash.



Camera::Canon EOS 10D
Lens::EF 70-200 f2.8 IS L
Focal length::200 (35mm equiv = 640)
Other details::2x extender, on-camera flash, FOV 25, 3x1 panorama
Image size::6176 x 1951 pixels


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