Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #12224

Green tree frog, Howard Springs, NT


This has got to be the world's largest tree frog. He is a permanent resident on the bird bath at my cousin's house at Howard Springs, just south of Darwin.

I wanted to get as close as possible to the water to get a good reflection and also to get the right look to the frog. The lower I got the more evil his expression became.

Usually insects and small animals are difficult to photograph because they are very skittish, however this frog sits on the bird bath for hours, without moving so much as an eyelid. Therefore I had plenty of time to try different angles.

The use of a fairly long lens (200mm) with an extension tube allowed me to keep a good distance from the subject, important in this case because, to get the lens at water level, I had to be outside the bird bath and therefore a foot or so from the frog.



Camera::Canon T90
Lens::FD 200 f2.8 L
Exposure::Not Recorded
Other details::25mm ext tube


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