Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #21725

Bulldog ant gets aggressive, Watarrka (Kings Canyon) NP, NT


I've been bitten and stung by these blokes in the past and take it from me; it's not something you want to happen again. So when I found a nest near our camp site it was with mixed feelings that I approached the task of photographing the mean little buggers.

With many ant nests I'll happily lie on the ground to take photographs, but thirty bites from the Australian bulldog ant can kill, so in this case discretion is definitely the better part of valour.

As I approached the nest the vibrations or shadow or whatever alerted them to my presence and soldiers would immediately be dispatched to deal with the intruder. I would scan the area for ants as best as I could then kneel down on one knee, the other leg ready to launch me into space, or as near as I could get, if I so much as dreamt there was an ant under me.

I would have time for five or six photos before deciding I'd pushed my luck, at which point I'd retreat then pull a flanking manoeuvre and repeat the process from the other side of the nest.



Camera::Canon EOS 10D
Lens::EF 100 f2.8 macro
Focal length::100 (35mm equiv = 160)
Other details::off-camera flash
Image size::3072 x 2048 pixels


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