Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #29208

Frog on pool edge, Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) NP, WA


While exploring in the Bungles my Canadian friend Kevin found a small pool with 'a lot of frogs'. When he returned to his vehicle he told me what he'd found over the UHF radio so I rushed around to his location to check it out.

After much clambering under and over boulders we arrived at the pool in a tiny grotto buried deep in the cliffs and sure enough, just sitting around the edge of the pool, there must have been hundreds of tiny frogs.

I spent an hour or so photographing these gorgeous little amphibians. As the majority of them were facing into the pool I very slowly entered the water, being careful not to disturb them or create waves, and shot from water level. To ensure my camera stayed dry I held it with one or two fingers placed under the camera body, when they got wet I was as low as I could go.



Camera::Canon EOS 10D
Lens::EF 100 f2.8 macro
Focal length::100 (35mm equiv = 160)
Other details::off-camera flash
Image size::3072 x 2048 pixels


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