Nature Photography by Rob Gray :: Image #29466

Frog on screw palm leaf, Little Mertens Falls, Mitchell Plateau, Kimberley, WA


It ain't easy being green, although it doesn't seem to worry this little fellow hiding in the screw palm leaves. Obviously he's using the colour to camouflage himself in the hope of remaining unseen. That trick works with most people but not us nature photographers.

I'd taken several photos of this frog and was fairly happy with the results when a tourist with a huge 'macro' zoom wandered past and asked as to the nature of my interest in the tree.

I quietly explained that there was a tiny frog and carefully pointed it out without disturbing the leaves. With no flash or tripod he didn't have a chance in hell of getting a usable photo but that didn't stop him trying. Within seconds he had bumped a branch with his lens, caught some clothing on a prickle, and scared the frog away.

Next time I'll keep my mouth shut.



Camera::Canon EOS 10D
Lens::EF 100 f2.8 macro
Focal length::100 (35mm equiv = 160)
Other details::off-camera flash
Image size::3072 x 2048 pixels


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