Rob Gray :: whats-new
Home has just undergone a MAJOR makeover. There may be things I missed so if you spot something that doesn't work let me know.

If you are a regular visitor you might notice that a lot of content is missing, I will be bringing that back online over the following weeks.

So for a while this "What's new" page will detail various new features I plan to bring online, old features that I restore and bugs that I fix (if they are noticeable to the users). At some point the site will stabilize and I think this page will go then.

30 Jul 2019 GRAYnomad chronicle #076 published.
26 May 2019 A new feature, zoomable and pannable images, mostly panoramas. There's a temp gallery of the first ones but they'll start appearing all over before long.
18 May 2019

New writing section added. This is just a few articles to get the ball rolling, I have many more that just need formatting before I can upload them.

17 May 2019

GRAYnomad Chronicles are now available as downloadable PDFs, well at least #75 is, I'll get the rest done over time. On the chronicle index page you will start seeing this logo,

click on it to load the PDF into your browser and from there you can save it to your computer.

16 May 2019 GRAYnomad chronicle #075 published.
07 May 2019 After an absence of 12 years the guestbook is back. I can't actually remember why I removed it all those years ago, no matter, feel free to say something nice about me.
03 May 2019 Comments can now be entered for ALL of the on-the-road blog entries. Previously that was only possible for blogs #65 and over.