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SiiMAN :: Slideshow
Simple image management program


As the name implies the Slideshow workspace is a space for viewing photos.

The screen is essentially totally uncluttered however various controls and information can be displayed by pressing certain keys. Key names that perform functions are in ().

Caption (a)

This enables or disables the caption display at the top of the screen.

Data (d)

This enables or disables the display of the photo's data. This display overlays the actual photo at the top left of the image.

Large (l)

This selects the display of either the small preview images or, if available for the photo, a large version.

The control bar has seven areas of interest.

N of N — The current photo sequence number and the total number of photos in the slideshow. When the control display is turned off this information is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen in a very subtle "grey on grey" text so as not to distract from the photo.

Next/Prev — These buttons are used to move to the next (x) or the previous (z) photo.

Play/pause/stop — This group of three buttons is used to start the slide show in auto mode, to pause it, and to stop the show.

Play time — When running in auto mode the duration (in seconds) that each photo is displayed can be varied with this up/down control.

Slide bar — The slide bar can be used to navigate quickly to another position in the slide show.

Slide bar preview — While navigating with the slide bar a small preview image is displayed to show you the current slider position within the show.

Close — Close the slideshow (ESC).

Entering the slideshow workspace

The slideshow can be entered either from the Workbench or the Light table by clicking on the "Slideshow" menu item at the top of the screen.

In either case the order that the slides are displayed is the same as that on the source workspace. The main difference is that on the Light table you can re-arrange photos to be in any order you like.



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