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Date  ::   20 Jan 2002
Name  ::   Ken Sims
Location  ::   UK for the time being
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,, you bugger,,
You've just changed my mind about buying a tailor
made motorhome in favour of something more
exciting. Tons of planning/building work for me to
do when I eventually go full-timing. The house has
been for sale for a year now and still no takers!!!!!
It's not what the site looks like,, it's what effect it has
on people.
All the best
Ken Sims,
Date  ::   21 Jan 2002
Location  ::   ACT
Comment  ::   ,Love the motorhome. Please update the diary! It's built,, how and where is it touring?? What have you changed about it from touring experience?,
Date  ::   31 Jan 2002
Name  ::   ed braconnier
Location  ::   western canada
Comment  ::   Best off road technical website I have ever visited....
Date  ::   08 Feb 2002
Name  ::   Geoff & Margaret (Rocky)
Location  ::   La Perouse
Comment  ::   You guys continue to be an inspiration. I have really enjoyed your diary to #4 and Rob those photos are delicious. C U on the road one day. G&M
Date  ::   15 Feb 2002
Name  ::   jelia
Location  ::   france
Comment  ::   i like BW landscapes
Date  ::   17 Feb 2002
Name  ::   ,Vernon L. Townsend,, Sr.,
Location  ::   ,Amherst,, New Hampshire,, USA,
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob and WORT!
I'm most impressed with your planning and,, the design of your WORT~!
Look forward to more reports of your travel and,, the description of the places as you find them. I know it must be ole hat stuff by now?? But,, we here in NA find it most interesting. Lov the pictures!~~
Wishing you both safe travelling!~~
icq 362283,
Date  ::   20 Feb 2002
Name  ::   pacman
Comment  ::   le site super cool félicitation xx
Date  ::   24 Feb 2002
Name  ::   andy
Location  ::   england
Comment  ::   Great site!
Wish we could have such trucks over here ( road regs wouldn't allow ) . Now inspired to build a ( lesser ) version of my own. and f*ck the rat race!!!
Date  ::   05 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Sean
Location  ::   sydney
Comment  ::   ,after 30 years a firefighter i am ready to get real,,
in the planning stages right now. what better way for me than in an ex fire truck? your web site is so informative,, uplifting and humerous at the same time.
i will be popping back to reference ideas (sounds better than stealing ideas) in the mean time i will be putting some of that 3m double sided tape on my boss's chair ! ( this is a joke,, do not atempt this at home kids)
sean ,
Date  ::   05 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Clint
Location  ::   ,Canberra,, Australia,
Comment  ::   ,Hi,,

Great site. I used to do abit of photography at
school but I decided to do printmaking instead. I'm
actually going to get a website made up soon
which will show all my prints.

I still enjoy photography but my printmaking has
sort of taken over!

Anyway keep up the great work..


Bye From Clint..
Date  ::   06 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Ken Ball
Comment  ::   ,Rob:

Found your site by chance off the Nikon site links.

Hope all goes well for you.

When did you leave North Qld?


Date  ::   07 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Nico Bastone
Location  ::   Palermo - Sicily Island (Italy)
Comment  ::   ,Excellent work,, Rob. Very,, very inspirational.
Bravo. Nico.,
Date  ::   12 Feb 2011
Name  ::   Bayden
Location  ::   ,Victoria,, Melbourne,
Comment  ::   ,I really liked all your photo's. You are quite talented. In fact,, I am currently looking for a photographer to answer some questions for a project I have at school. (I am in year 10)I will give you an e-mail about it.,
Date  ::   20 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Tom
Location  ::   The Netherlands
Comment  ::   My compliments for the nice photos.
Plase come take a look at my photos?
Best regards from Tom.
Date  ::   28 Mar 2002
Name  ::   Jane and Philip Bessell-Browne
Location  ::   Nowra
Comment  ::   ,Hi Guys,,

Hope all is well,, love the web site,, Rob you are always adding something.

Jane and Philip.,
Date  ::   11 Apr 2002
Name  ::   Nicole
Location  ::   New Hampshire
Comment  ::   I love this site it has great photos and lot of other neat things 5 star ratings
Date  ::   19 Apr 2002
Name  ::   Lee
Location  ::   Japan
Comment  ::   ,Thank you for building such an informative and entertaining site. I will never try to answer `no` on your user poll again. Your photos are stunning,, and I have sincere admiration for someone with enough guts to follow his dream.,
Date  ::   28 Apr 2002
Name  ::   Carol
Location  ::   Cairns
Comment  ::   A lot of work....Great job.
Date  ::   02 May 2002
Name  ::   Helmut Bohn
Location  ::   Adelaide
Comment  ::   ,I just read your 'recipe' to make own toilet chemicals. Forgive my ignorance but can they be bought in a normal harware store? What is MYO?

I have bookmarked your site. I shall go to it often.

Date  ::   04 May 2002
Name  ::   George Lauterstein
Location  ::   ,Wimberley,, Texas,
Comment  ::   Just a note to let you know about the newly-
designed web site and location which is

Please visit. Hope you enjoy it.

Date  ::   06 May 2002
Name  ::   Candace Gray
Location  ::   Sioux Falls South Dakota
Comment  ::   ,Rob,, I think your work is awesome! I love the one titled 'God's Portal'.

Have a great day!
Date  ::   12 May 2002
Name  ::   Brian Law
Location  ::   Narrandera
Comment  ::   Hi Rob
Great site and I enjoy keeping up with your journey since you have finished your Motorhome.
Keep up the great work.

CMCA # N20894
Date  ::   20 May 2002
Name  ::   Daryl K. Duxbury
Location  ::   Woodbridge WA
Comment  ::   ,A great achievement,, I admire your tenacity.,
Date  ::   21 May 2002
Name  ::   Megan Winchester
Location  ::   ,Grand Rapids,, Michigan,, USA,
Comment  ::   love the web site and your photography.
Date  ::   12 Jun 2002
Name  ::   Dallas Hoggett
Location  ::   Southern Tasmania
Comment  ::   Rob Enjoying your site lots of usefull info currently converting 30ft bedford with shortened moke inside will email some photos and info a bit further down the track if you like catch up on the road sometime estimate around australia trip 18 mths.bus is already useable and has done around 5000 klms in tassie to test out if I am doing it right.If you are ever in tassie in the wort contact me as I will supply you with some good free stopover sites. a mate of mine down here has built a wort 4x4 inter will also send a photo of this one in the near future
regards Dallas
Date  ::   16 Jun 2002
Name  ::   Marilyn
Location  ::   ,Arizona,,USA,
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   07 Jul 2002
Name  ::   Geoff & Margaret Lamond
Location  ::   Tallangatta Victoria
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob
We have followed the diaries of wothehellizat's construction from day one ,, and your subsequent travels with great interest and enjoyment . Congratulations for a first class website .,
Date  ::   08 Jul 2002
Name  ::   Des Berwick
Location  ::   Summertown South Australia
Comment  ::   ,Great site Rob

Some beautiful photography and fascinating stories and information on living 'on the road'.

If you're ever in South Australia,, I know I and a few photography colleagues would enjoy meeting you.

Date  ::   10 Jul 2002
Name  ::   Glenys Lemin
Location  ::   ,Bundoora,,Vic.,
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   28 Jul 2002
Name  ::   Walter L. Heathcock
Location  ::   Quitman MS USA
Comment  ::   Hi guys Enjoyed the web site.
Date  ::   30 Jul 2002
Name  ::   Dave and Sherry Robertson
Location  ::   South Camden NSW
Comment  ::   ,Hi rob,, great site love the pictures and the info provided,, thanks for sharing them with us thanks agin the Robertsons,
Date  ::   31 Jul 2002
Name  ::   neville & robbie Holt
Location  ::   ettalong beach nsw
Comment  ::   ,Rob,, Your site is just great,, really worth looking at!!
We are in the process of converting our coach into a motorhome and should be on the road a few months from now. Do hope we catch up with you somewhere along the way.....look forward to meeting you! Regards,, Robbie,
Date  ::   08 Aug 2002
Name  ::   Jim Mulloy
Location  ::   ,Ravenna,,Ohio,
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   14 Aug 2002
Name  ::   Mark Laurens
Location  ::   ,Redcliffe,, QLD,
Comment  ::   ,Picked up your site from an old Caravan World magazine and am really impressed,, Good work very interesting,
Date  ::   15 Aug 2002
Name  ::   Nick Beall
Location  ::   Adelanto California
Comment  ::   ,Looks great and wild to drive,, I have a 1981 RTS II BUS some day i'll get it done,, also have a 1952 CROWN SUPER COACH,, oled school bus that i use to go rock hounding in.

Nick KE6TXP,
Date  ::   22 May 2002
Location  ::   EUMUNDI Q 4562
Comment  ::   Hello

We have just joined the CMC having also just purchased our first 4x4 vehicle. It's an Iveco (Stubby)motorhome. We are interested to learn from more experienced 4x4 drivers and also places we can now access with our vehicle.

Cheers.. Jill and Jacques Retif
Date  ::   22 May 2002
Name  ::   William Blickley
Location  ::   ,Grand Rapids,, Michigan North America,, USA,
Comment  ::   ,I Love your story and photographs! We have some experience travelling and camping with off road vehicles through the USA,, Canada,, Europe,, Africa and Central America with our children. We have now built a 'Super Camper' Large enough and equipped to carry youth groups on service projects throughout the USA. We can sleep 18 medium sized people and support them with all necessary food,, water and other supplies for about a week or so.
Our newest vehicle and other vehicles with travel stories can be seen at:
William & LaVerne Blickley,, God's Grace and Peace to you!
1312 Dunham S.E.
Grand Rapids,, Michigan 49506
(616) 452 - 2683

Date  ::   24 Sep 2002
Name  ::   Linda Missimer
Location  ::   ,New Jersey,, USA,
Comment  ::   ,Stayed up way too late reading the entire site. I enjoyed the text,, but lusted after way more pictures. Seems to me to be the next best thing to being there.
I love Wothahellizat,, but I am a 'truckee' in the US and when I quit,, I'm never going to drive anything,, anywhere again.,
Date  ::   27 Sep 2002
Name  ::   BARTFAI jozsef
Location  ::   Hungary
Comment  ::  

I like it!
Date  ::   30 Sep 2002
Name  ::   Laurens and Rhonda (Roni)
Location  ::   Canberra (for now)
Comment  ::   ,just completed 12 months. Wife has the nesting urge so heading to the new (old) place we bought on the river at Bellingen. Change of pace for a while. Selling the 1998 Ford Transit Turbo Diesel. Check the above web site for veh over $50,,000 if interested. Very good veh.,
Date  ::   4 Oct 2002
Name  ::   Wheeleybin
Location  ::   Pacific Palms
Comment  ::   Just a baldy headed old codger who wants to do what you all do and is trying but the way im going has anyone converted a motorised wheelchair into a motorhome .
I'll probably need one before I finally do it properly.
Hi Jim & Jay the wine was good at Jugiong but its a pity you cheat at trivia would you like to dial a friend.
Date  ::   5 Oct 2002
Name  ::   Rachelle Erickson
Comment  ::   ,I'm looking to publish a photography book. I'm interested in any advice,, you could give me.,
Date  ::   5 Oct 2002
Name  ::   melchor&joy basalo
Location  ::   philippines
Comment  ::   we like your pictures! thank you. we got some wallpapers. thanks.
Date  ::   9 Oct 2002
Name  ::   Phil
Location  ::   Gold Coast
Comment  ::   Top site and excellent wallpapers.
Date  ::   10 Oct 2002
Name  ::   Gary Brook
Location  ::   Canberra
Comment  ::   ,Rob & Chris,,

I've been reading your diary since you left and think you've done a great job of it. I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading about your trials and the places you've been. Love the photos. Sorry to hear of your Mum's passing. Please pass on our sympathy to your Dad as well. I'll stop for now before I say something inane. It's a bit hard to relate to your circumstances at the moment as work has been a bit dominant for some time now. It's probably a good thing that I've noticed that but I need a bit more time to reflect on it. Take care,,

Gary,, Monica,, Harry 7 Mark

ps You'll appreciate this. Someone at work tried to send a 4.6 Gig (!!) e-mail the other day. The system tried to pass it through but couldn't and held up 6,,000-odd messages for 24 hrs before someone noticed there was a problem. It's not quite a science yet,, obviously.,
Date  ::   11 Oct 2002
Name  ::   graham cunnold
Location  ::   perth
Comment  ::  
Hello Rob
Excellent site to visit for anyone thinking about leaving the rat race

Best Wishes
Graham c
Date  ::   14 Oct 2002
Name  ::   mary
Location  ::   nunavut
Comment  ::   I love your site and great pictures. Keep up the good work.
Date  ::   24 Oct 2002
Name  ::   Eric
Location  ::   Hong Kong
Comment  ::   Good Site.
Date  ::   22 Oct 02
Name  ::   Mr. Les Grommon
Location  ::   ,Seattle,, Washington. USA,
Comment  ::   ,Rob,,WOW!!,, Super job on the motorhome,, and thanks for a wealth of information and ideas. Great web site too.
Date  ::   8 Nov 02
Name  ::   Graham Cunnold
Location  ::   Perth
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   9 Nov 02
Name  ::   ken ward
Location  ::   Brisbane Qld.
Comment  ::   Looking forward to viewing your web pages will
coment later.
Date  ::   4 Dec 02
Name  ::   Ray and Ellane Chugg
Location  ::   Caloundra
Comment  ::   Merry Christmas to you both and we hope in 2003 we will seeyou on the East Coast. You may remember that we said we have a big near our place to turn around. In the meantime all the best and take care
Ray and Ellane
Date  ::   11 Dec 02
Name  ::   Frank Shilkitus
Location  ::   ,Warminster PA,, USA,
Comment  ::   The work is just breath taking!
Thank You!
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