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Date  ::   3 Jan 03
Name  ::   Cliff Ray
Location  ::   E. Fremantle
Comment  ::   Great to meet you guys and check out you web page. What a fabulous and practial designed motor home.
Hopefully I'll see y'all again on my bike rides to Woodmans Point.
All the very best in your travels!!

Cliff Ray
Date  ::   4 Jan 03
Name  ::   Angela
Location  ::   London UK
Comment  ::   ,Rob and Chris,,

Looks like all the hard work and support of each other has been worth it. Enjoy the lifestyle. See you down the track in 2004. Have really enjoyed the journey and now the destinations.,
Date  ::   5 Jan 03
Name  ::   lesley goodman
Comment  ::   is this the rob gray from zimbabwe?

I knew a rob gray who was interested in photography.
Date  ::   8 Jan 03
Name  ::   Ha Donggyun
Comment  ::   ,This site is the best one then I found,, and the pictures are beautiful.
Best regards,, Donggyun.

Date  ::   18 Febuary 2003
Name  ::   Jay Kelly
Location  ::   ,San Francisco,, California,
Comment  ::   ,Love the b&w!

Jay Kelly Photography
San Francisco,, California,
Date  ::   21 Feb 2003
Name  ::   mike knight
Location  ::   U.K.
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,, I haven't actually seen your new site yet,, but it is bound to be good so I will give it 5 anyway.
Date  ::   23 February 2003
Name  ::   Marcus
Location  ::   Moree NSW
Comment  ::   ,To Rob and Wife,,
I reckon your motor home is cool and different- its good to get out and see the real world who wants to work all there life not me.
I need some help I have a motor home and want to rebuild it inside and travel- I dont know where to start could you help me on this
Thanks and happy travelling,
Date  ::   ,25,, February 2003,
Name  ::   Ray West
Location  ::   Hervey Bay
Comment  ::   top reading
Date  ::   27 Feb 2003
Name  ::   Pauline & Graham
Location  ::   blue mountains. aust
Comment  ::   What a great web site Rob... wish you all the very best and hope to see you soon... great photography !
but where's the dingoes ?
Pauline U know who
Date  ::   3 Mar 2003
Name  ::   Jay Kelly
Comment  ::   Very nice!
Date  ::   3 Mar 2003
Name  ::   lauren watts
Location  ::   perth
Comment  ::   ,I've seen the vehicle in pemberton when i went on a camping trip there from the 1st March to the 3rd. The vehicle looked very luxurious and economical and I would love to have one when I'm older as I'm only 14 now. Well done Rob on such a good design and anyone thinking about getting one,, I say...go for it!,
Date  ::   8 Mar 2003
Name  ::   Stig
Location  ::   Redcliffe QLD Aussieland
Comment  ::   You've done a wonderful job on the website!
I have been greatly inspired by your writting/photos
I will be coming back to see the progress and get another shot of life in the slow lane!
Love the wort Inspiring
'til next we meet safe journeys

Date  ::   14 Mar 2003
Name  ::   Andrew
Location  ::   Sydney
Comment  ::   ,I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the diary entries of your motorhome construction. I sometimes find myself awake at night because my mind is busy dreaming of something to escape the city,, but you mustn't have slept for a mighty long time.... Enjoy your travels.,
Date  ::   17 Mar 2003
Name  ::   Claire Balderson
Location  ::   UK
Comment  ::   I think your work is absolutely amazing & it's inspired me to take up photography again after quite a gap. Thank you so much!!!
Date  ::   18 Mar 2003
Name  ::   Nicola
Location  ::   England
Comment  ::   ,Hi there Rob,, what a great selection of photography you have here! I just thought I'd drop you a line to say that a website layout I did using one of your pictures has made it on to the featured layout section of the website!

I hope to see more great photos on the site soon.

All the best.,
Date  ::   8 May 2003
Name  ::   robert dickson
Location  ::   ,Galston,, Sydney Australia,
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,,
I have enjoyed your site for a number of months now. I was so taken by your articles on the building of the truck that I read the lot. It took some time.!!

Being interested in travel in our great country I look forward to your diary and pics each month. would it be possible to include more pics in your diary.

Also,, could you include some of the cost details you incure being on the road.

I like your photo section of the site,, however it is the diary and related pictures that I really enjoy.

Hope to see you at some stage.

Thanks again for all the effort you put into this site. It is excellant.

robert ,
Date  ::   21 May 2003
Name  ::   Emily
Location  ::   England
Comment  ::   ,Hey,,
Just wanted to drop a line to say that your photographs are amazing. They've really helped me with my course,, such an inspiration,, thankyou.
Keep it up!
Emily x,
Date  ::   1 Jun 2003
Name  ::   Bridget
Location  ::   Port Hedland
Comment  ::   I remember passing your truck when I was on my way to Broome for my brithday - it was painted completely purple by then. My dad met you at one of the roadhouses and had a chat. All I can say is that your work is absolutely brilliant! There are some pictures that I would love to create a painting of with my own adaptions. You are a brilliant photographer with obvious worldly knowledge. You should publish a book.
Date  ::   7 Jun 2003
Name  ::   ali wass
Location  ::   tharwa act
Comment  ::   ,hey rob

haven't been in contact with your travels for a while now but i am glad that i have taken the time out today to ahve a read and play with your site. i have taken time out form my own photos but since the firestorm of jan this year i feel that i am back inot things - 2 small kids don't help the time out factor either.

planning to start up a gallery next year at our new home in tharwa - will have a darkroom attached so i know i will be back inot things in a big way

thank you for your inspriations,, diary laughs happy travelling
Date  ::   15 Jun 2003
Name  ::   denise
Location  ::   long island ny
Comment  ::   ,what a fantastic gallery of photos. i've never visited australia so i enjoyed your photos on 2 levels. your work is a source of inspiration for me,, and your seascapes give me such a feeling of peace,, i'll be purchasing one as soon as i can. thank you for sharing. ,
Date  ::   10 Jun 2003
Name  ::   Gai
Location  ::   Adelaide
Comment  ::   ,Interesting,, amusing,, funny,, informative,, picturesque,, inspiring. Your site is all this an so very much more besides. Am hanging out for each new instalment. Hats off to you and Chris for living your dream. We are planning and working towards a similar future.,
Date  ::   5 Jul 2003
Name  ::   Elda
Location  ::   Albania
Comment  ::   I saw your photos and I was interested to see same others. I'm from Albania.
Date  ::   17 Jul 2003
Name  ::   Tim Elliott
Location  ::   ,Mt. Gambier,,SA,
Comment  ::   ,Well done Rob,,
Your website is a breath of fresh air,, not full of fertiliser like some. You have made me very restless,, I often feel the need to pack-up and
p-sorf away from the endless wealth worship portrayed on TV.
Stay happy,, and again well done.
Tim Elliott.

Date  ::   25 Jul 2003
Name  ::   micheal
Location  ::   canada
Comment  ::   wonderful site. i enjoyed it very much. i wish you peace and prosperity.
Date  ::   18 Aug 2003
Name  ::   burcode
Comment  ::   good site!!!
Date  ::   24 Aug 2003
Name  ::   Spot
Location  ::   ,Houston,, Texas,, United States of America,
Comment  ::   ,The photo's are brilliant - I'd never paid too much attention to photography before now. Many of them are just breathtaking.

I would love to see Wot in person,, the work you did is spectacular! Were I in your shoes,, I'd feel like King of the Mountain - after all,, purple IS a royal color! I find myself checking for a new diary update every day so I can escape the humdrum of my current existance. I hope all are well and that things are rolling around nicely.

Enjoy the ride!
Date  ::   28 Aug 2003
Name  ::   Mauricio Matos
Location  ::   Portugal
Comment  ::   Great photos you have on this site. Good work.
Date  ::   25 Sep 2003
Name  ::   Artgraphy
Location  ::   France
Comment  ::   ,Very nice website,, nice pictures.
Congratulations !,
Date  ::   4 Oct 2003
Name  ::   Heather & Robynne
Location  ::   ,Laidley,, QLD,
Comment  ::   Had a good time here looking around & reading things for I am disable & my carer has a lot to put up with (ME) Ha! Ha! I have put our pcture site up if you want to check it out as we only just got our unit to kit out.
How ever loved your site will be back thanks Heather & Robynne.
Date  ::   8 Oct 2003
Name  ::   France
Location  ::   Montreal
Comment  ::   ,Because my english is not very good,, I can't tell you how I found Wonderfull your photography. A real pleasur for the eyes. Thanks.,
Date  ::   10 Oct 2003
Name  ::   Jon
Location  ::   Ryan
Comment  ::   Love the pictures!
Date  ::   19 Oct 2003
Name  ::   Bert Foster
Location  ::   ,Conyers,, GA USA,
Comment  ::   ,I had so much fun looking at your site. Hell I've been at it for almost two hours. I like what you've done the motorhome is incredible. You are the man! I too like a challenge as well. I have recently learned the joy of working with steel,, metal in general. I admire your spirit.,
Date  ::   24 Oct 2003
Name  ::   Kym
Location  ::   Port Lincoln
Comment  ::   Hi! Rob and Chris---I see you have finally made it to Tassy I hope all is well.I`ve made a start on the BIG cleanup ---you know---the one you mentioned in your diaries haha! AND i`ve just purchased a classic (fitted out)1961 Comair (Bedford) bus---needs a bit of work--but you know me W##k is my middle name! grin .Take care--bye. Kym
Date  ::   30 Oct 2003
Name  ::   Mac
Location  ::   OH
Comment  ::   Rob I put a link in one of my posts on to your site as a salute to you. Hats off to you. You are an inspiration. Hope the link is ok with you.
Date  ::   2 Nov 2003
Name  ::   Frits Selier
Location  ::   Netherlands
Comment  ::   beautiful pictures
Date  ::   10 Nov 2003
Name  ::   Mark Burrell
Location  ::   ,England,, United Kingdom,
Comment  ::   ,Man i think your web site rules,, your photographs are spectacular. Your one of my influences in photography. I think black and white pictures are so much better to show texture and tones and your photos rule.,
Date  ::   13 Nov 2003
Name  ::   mike blair
Location  ::   ,San Jose,, California,, USA,
Comment  ::   What a great story and adventure. Thanks for sharing it. Good luck and happy trails.
Date  ::   18 Nov 2003
Name  ::   Glenn Rickard
Location  ::   Roland Tasmania
Comment  ::   HI rob nice to see you are in the best place in aussie
if you are going to be near the devonport /sheffield area
could you let me know as i would love to have a look at your motor home
i have looked at the constution on the net and am really interested in seeing it in the flesh
i am in the procees of converting a bus at the moment
Date  ::   18 Nov 2003
Name  ::   Marcos R. Lim
Location  ::   ,Elk Grove ,, CA U.S.A,
Comment  ::   Very Nice Pictures. Good Luck.
Date  ::   30 Nov 2003
Name  ::   Robin R
Location  ::   Melbourne
Comment  ::   ,This is a truly amazing website - full of not only excellent photos,, but useful information as well.

Well done Rob - it must have taken a lot of work to set up,, but the website is really cool & a credit to you!,
Date  ::   20 Dec 2003
Name  ::   Leif Karlsson
Comment  ::   ,I just surfed on your nice website and would like to take the opportunity
to tell you how much I liked it,, I will certainly come back and visit
again to check it out for future updates.
Please feel free to take a look at my Panorama photos at if you like.

Best regards/ Leif,

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