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Date  ::   01 Jan 2007
Name  ::   Darren
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   Great stuff Rob. I envy you lifestyle.

By the way you convinced my brother to purchase the 24-105 IS lens. He will be eternally greatful as it produces fantastic results.

I will be in the market for the 100mm macro later in the year. Again your reviews have confirmed my decision to purchase.

Best of luck for 2007.

Date  ::   01 Jan 2007
Name  ::   Darren
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   Great stuff Rob. I envy your lifestyle.

By the way you convinced my brother to purchase the 24-105 IS lens. He will be eternally greatful as it produces fantastic results.

I will be in the market for the 100mm macro later in the year. Again your reviews have confirmed my decision to purchase.

Best of luck for 2007.

Date  ::   13 Jan 2007
Name  ::   RobertJ
Location  ::   Manchester
Comment  ::   Very interesting and very pretty website.
Good luck and keep up good work.
Best regards.
Date  ::   18 Jan 2007
Name  ::   George P. Dorris
Location  ::   St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Comment  ::   That is the best looking motorhome I've ever seen. Wow. I want one.
Date  ::   27 Jan 2007
Name  ::   David Rozelle
Location  ::   Woodland Hills, California, USA
Comment  ::   Was watching "Worlds Most Extreme Homes" and saw your Winebago on steroids so looked you up with Google. Glad I did. Your photography is fabulous. I'm a nature lover and an art love and your photographs thrilled both sides of me. I've also decided that I've got to get to Australia to see your wonders of the world. Thanks for sharing your work
Dave Rozelle
Near Los Angeles, California, USA
Date  ::   07 Feb 2007
Name  ::   Arianadiv
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   Super
Best regards to you and to your project.
good night
Date  ::   08 Feb 2007
Name  ::   Pauline and Graham Stow
Location  ::   Wentworth Falls.Blue Mountains
Comment  ::   Hello there.

We hope you are keeping very well and enjoying life !
Haven't seen you for such a long time.
We are well and still have our dingo called Jedda
Date  ::   10 Feb 2007
Name  ::   Wesley
Comment  ::   Cheers! Excellent work, thanks.
Date  ::   26 Feb 2007
Name  ::   Cam
Location  ::   Sunny Canberra
Comment  ::   Excellent work. You're both inspirations to the rat race.
Date  ::   04 Mar 2007
Name  ::   simon bromf
Location  ::   UK
Comment  ::   Hello im a student sitting in england trying to do my photography project by monday (tommorow) i had to recurch photographers who have taken landscape images. I found this sit (it saved my backside). I have to say you are the first photographer i have atcally admired and aspired to.

Thanks for saving my ass
Date  ::   02 Apr 2007
Name  ::   Jersey
Location  ::   Saudi
Comment  ::   Your work is marvelous!!
Date  ::   04 Apr 2007
Name  ::   Sveta
Location  ::   Malaysia
Comment  ::   Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.f
Date  ::   17 Apr 2007
Name  ::   Kym
Location  ::   Port Lincoln
Comment  ::   GREAT site Rob....I hope both of you are well and yes ive ALMOST finished cleaning my shed out haha
Date  ::   17 Apr 2007
Name  ::   Jimpson
Comment  ::   You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
Date  ::   29 Apr 2007
Name  ::   Paul
Comment  ::   Great site. Too bad that your obsession keeps you from doing something conceptually new and from going abroad. You are extremely driven by refining your expertise and that in itself is remarkable. It limits you from exploring foreign cultures and other continents, but this is clearly by choice.
Date  ::   14 May 2007
Name  ::   bruce
Comment  ::   Hello, nice site. Good luck
Date  ::   18 May 2007
Name  ::   Peter
Comment  ::   Life is so short.... Working in a job you like is great, but travelling and taking photos would not be a "job". There is so much world to see and life to experience. I too am a photographer, wanting to travel this great country the same way you have been/are. Could you please build me a 'Wothahellizat 3'????? Great website too....
Date  ::   05 Jun 2007
Name  ::   William L Blankenship
Location  ::   Yucca Valley CA. usa
Comment  ::   Good work, Good web site
Keep up your good work, Thank for letting Look
Date  ::   13 Jun 2007
Name  ::   Scruffy
Comment  ::   Scruffy reckons you should have had more done, stop drinking beer. Looks good though. Adrian says too still too much steel.
Date  ::   17 Jun 2007
Name  ::   lonhybs
Location  ::   Tokyo
Comment  ::   Hi. I found your site very nice. thanks for it! good luck!
Date  ::   29 Jun 2007
Name  ::   Mary
Comment  ::   Excellent site, added to favorites!!
Date  ::   01 Jul 2007
Name  ::   David Withers
Location  ::   BUNDABERG QLD
Comment  ::   Chris tried to contact via friends reunited I can be contacted on the above address
Date  ::   03 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Denuen
Location  ::   Tokyo
Comment  ::   Good day. I just wanted to say that you created a realy great site. thanks!
Date  ::   08 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Huub Keulers
Location  ::   Netherlands
Comment  ::   Dear Rob,

I just read your article about 'Faces in Nature' in photomagazine 'Silvershotz'. Amazing! Very original with beautiful photowork.

As a passionat amateur photographer I am very inspired by your photowork.It is a joy to look at your photo's. Its my great wish to travel the world, meet nice people and shoot some amazing photo's. But with a daytime job this is almost impossible.

Is there by any change in the future an exhibition of your work in the Netherlands? I wish you al the best and most of all enjoy the beautiful light.

Huub KeulersElsloo,
the Netherlands
Date  ::   13 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Antique
Location  ::   Latvia
Comment  ::   Hi. Me very much to like here. I shall advise this site to the friends.
I am sorry for my English. I only learn this language.
Date  ::   14 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Chris
Location  ::   UK
Comment  ::   What has happened in the construction diaries. Last entry 9 July and it is now 14 July. Have you given up. More work please and less photographic workshops.

Date  ::   15 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Kym
Location  ::   Port Lincoln
Comment  ::   I agree Chris!...Actually the last construction diary was on the 28/5/07...hmmm! maybe Rob`s too busy rebuilding and brewing/consuming beer...the photography workshop IS great tho! Cheers to you both.
Date  ::   24 Jul 2007
Name  ::   Valintino
Comment  ::   Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
Date  ::   02 Aug 2007
Name  ::   Johan
Location  ::   Geneva, Switzerland
Comment  ::   This guestbook needs a new entry! I have been following the very inspiring GrayAdventures for some time, this is probably one of the most interesting websites around. No nonsense, no fiddly-diddly flash codes, just good humour from someone who loves life. Thanks Rob for sharing!
Date  ::   04 Aug 2007
Name  ::   Mark Bennett
Location  ::   Gold coast
Comment  ::   Keep up the great work. Your lifstyle and achivements are an inspiration to many.Love the diarys.
Date  ::   09 Aug 2007
Name  ::   Teodor
Location  ::   Serbia
Comment  ::   I love your photographs, very beautiful.
Date  ::   21 Aug 2007
Name  ::   Ray
Location  ::   NB Canada
Comment  ::   Found you through Sharkey's. Been reading the Chronicles for a few months now. Have just recently caught up to date. Very interesting, enjoying seeing Australia and Tasmania through your writing and photos. Also enjoy reading about the construction and maintenance of the WOTs.

Thanks for taking the time to share your pursuits and adventures, Rob and Chris.

Date  ::   17 Sep 2007
Name  ::   john mc sweeney
Location  ::   cairns. Queensland
Comment  ::   Thinking about travelling around Australia, need help regarding camp sites and a suitable vehicle. To spend $35 plus a night in a van park seems a bit steep. Thanks, John
Date  ::   05 Oct 2007
Name  ::   callum downs
Location  ::   england
Comment  ::   I know i guy called Robert Gray, and he has no self-esteem haha you have the same name as him!!

Just thought i would let you know

Just for the record Callum, I have plenty of self-esteem
Date  ::   14 Oct 2007
Name  ::   Rob Point
Location  ::   Colleyville Texas, USA
Comment  ::   I really enjoy your site, watching u build the ultra landcruiser! I've just read a book about Australia and now I have to visit...especially the west coast!
Date  ::   23 Oct 2007
Name  ::   Darren
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   The trucks looking great Rob. I can't wait to see the finished paint job on the truck now that you have given us a sneak peek in the photo of the door handle.


Date  ::   20 Nov 2007
Name  ::   Ted Kidd
Location  ::   Rochester NY
Comment  ::   I've just spent 2 days reading your diaries. The thought and attention to detail is mindblowing - makes for a really interesting read.
Date  ::   19 Dec 2007
Name  ::   HUGO + WENDY + MIKEY + soxy
Location  ::   Evans Head NSW
Comment  ::   Hi there Rob and Chris, been looking at the progress piccys of the truck every now and then. Guess the progress is taking longer than expected?

It's gonna be a pearlor though when it's finally done...

Got the mog on the market, if anybody's interested out there in the wide world of WORT's??

It can be seen on some of the construction diary's of late August and early November I noticed!


Date  ::   30 Dec 2007
Name  ::   ian hills
Location  ::   tailem bend
Comment  ::   great stuff keep up the good work
Date  ::   05 Jan 2008
Name  ::   Derek and Karen Grigg
Location  ::   Nelson Bay for the next 2 years
Comment  ::   Hi Rob, My husband and I check your rebuild progress every week. We wish we were on the road already, so we can stop in at your place and give you a hand while learning from you in return. We must stay put for the next 24 months, so we can buy our mid size bus and fit it out. Then back on the road full time. We lived in a Leyland Tiger for 4 years while in Darwin, and only moved it three times. Too big for us, we were beginners. That was 10 years ago, and have craved the life style ever since. We still travelled, but stayed in cabins, not the same and not our own bed, and no social life.
Well keep up the good work, and see you on the track down the road in a little while.
Kaz and Dero
p.s. our ages are 48 and 46
Date  ::   21 Jan 2008
Name  ::   Norman Edwards
Location  ::   Georgia, USA
Comment  ::   Just realized it zero dark zero in the A.M. here. Reading this Aussie's accomplishments and mental meanderings is nothing short of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer with a humongous chunk of the McGyver thrown in. A great boost to anyone with a soul rumbling ache for similar plans.
Date  ::   09 Apr 2008
Name  ::   Norm Edwards
Location  ::   Kathleen, Georgia US of A
Comment  ::   Hiya Mr. Rob,
Been following your rebuild pretty religiously. Your shade tree mechanic-ing, seat-of-your-pants, sincere effort to share the bumps and bruises during this rebuild is one of the best resons this internet exists. Lordy! speaking of bumps, reading that Miss Chris was hurt and bleeding was a heart stopper. I know how such a thing can take the wind out of your sail when you are so wrapped up in a humongous project (mentally, emotionally, financially). Angels and prayers to her and you both. In the immortal words of Indiana Jones...Its not the years, its the mileage.
Date  ::   15 Apr 2008
Name  ::   Cam
Location  ::   Queanbeyan NSW
Comment  ::   Hi Rob,
Hope Chris is feeling better. Keep up the great work.
Date  ::   01 May 2008
Name  ::   Pat Williams
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   Cool Sitte
Date  ::   10 Oct 2008
Name  ::   Heinz Volopich
Location  ::   next Vienna, Austria
Comment  ::   Hi Rob,

these were the best pics I've ever seen from the Pilbara on screens. Hope to look the reality there in Nov this year.

Greetings from the oposite side of our globe
Date  ::   27 Oct 2008
Name  ::   James R Hicks
Location  ::   yuba, ca-usa
Comment  ::   Very nice work, loved how you capture animals.Great site,thanks..
Date  ::   01 Nov 2008
Name  ::   Tim Tyler
Location  ::   Geelong, Vic. Aus.
Comment  ::   Rob, I love your work, your ability to stick to it and see the job thru to the finish without loosing the plot and rushing the job and forever regreting that you did. I worked at the Army proving ground in Vic. when they were testing the ACCO and we had lots of problems with the power dividers for the rear drive.The design was changed a number of times before they became reliable.Best regards for a job very well done and love your photo's as well. Cheers Tim
Date  ::   19 Dec 2008
Name  ::   April
Location  ::   South east QLD
Comment  ::   Brilliant photos. Personally, my fave scenes are storms, but i also love
Date  ::   12 Jan 2009
Name  ::   Juan Carlos Conde
Location  ::   Spain
Comment  ::   Thanks for your web. It is a dream for me. I have a motorhome (not 4x4, snif) and I like to go out of the roads to look for special sites. I am limited because I only have two wheels tractioning... I like very much your Wothahellizat 1 and 2.
And your photos.... really nice. Thank you for your free photos for wallpaper and thank you for your articles, it is a great pleasure for me to read it and help me to learn more english language.
When I Grow Up I want to be like you.

Juan Carlos
Date  ::   14 Feb 2009
Location  ::   Amherst, New Hampshire, USA
Comment  ::   Would like to ask you specifically the actual source for your LED lights bulbs. Why is it you think they failed?
Date  ::   28 Feb 2009
Name  ::   ingri
Location  ::   Washington State, USA
Comment  ::   Love the WORT, enjoy the photographs, words and life. Happy to know there is someone out there doing this.
Date  ::   11 Mar 2009
Name  ::   Susan Doty
Location  ::   Spring House, PA, USA
Comment  ::   Rob:

Received your pictures yesterday. They arrived in great shape. I should have them back from the framer soon to join the other pictures purchased from your collection.

I hope you continue to add to the face collection. I've had several positive comments about your work when I have visitors to my home.

Best regards,

Susan Doty
Date  ::   14 Apr 2009
Name  ::   Jorge
Location  ::   Spain
Comment  ::   I've been following your building diary since just before you started Wothahellizat II and it's just amazing how much knowledge and work you've put there together. Wow.

It's inspiring to see people living their lifes like you do.

Absolutely wonderful!

Best whishes,

Date  ::   25 May 2009
Name  ::   Rob Miller
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   I likede your site.
Date  ::   04 Aug 2009
Name  ::   Ray
Location  ::   New Brunswick, Canada
Comment  ::   Hi Rob and Chris

The new web site looks great. Been looking forward to seeing new entries in the chronicles. Your block looks like a nice place to enjoy and laze around at.

Take care
Date  ::   04 Aug 2009
Name  ::   Danielle Thomas
Location  ::   High Wycombe, Perth Western Australia
Comment  ::   Love reading what you are up to. Catch you one day on the road!
Date  ::   11 Nov 2009
Name  ::   Leon Gray
Location  ::   Caboolture
Comment  ::   Hi Rob,saw your site a couple of years ago when you built the first acco lol,sure was unigue,i enjoy the aussie pics,have been riding this kwack GTR 1000 since late 97 and in 2000 did a tip to Barossa so took 2 months off and did the big one,sadly since retiring after that no big ones but have camera will travel well small trips,enjoy your last construction job got back here by typing "how to fasten aluminium to timber framed motorhome"i will finish it ok cya
Date  ::   30 Dec 2009
Name  ::   stephen alarid
Location  ::   usa australia
Comment  ::   rob i live not too far from b and h photo and travel back and forth several times a year kiwi
Date  ::   20 Jun 2010
Name  ::   Alison
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   A wonderful site with beautiful photos. Congratulations.
Date  ::   29 Jul 2010
Name  ::   Dennis West
Location  ::   Sydney
Comment  ::   Hi Rob, I've been an avid reader since wothehell version 1. I'm in the middle of building another WORT a Isuzu FTS700.Not as elaborate as yours but hopefully comfortable with reasonable ability off road. Hope to catch up one day.
Date  ::   03 Nov 2010
Name  ::   cees beers
Location  ::   dronten the netherlands
Comment  ::   In our round trip australia for 2 month we met Rob and
his awesome truck
He is really living with his wife in nature some thing we al
wish we could do.

But he is doing it .

Respect for that and he down to earth kind of guy very
friendly showing you all the things you want ,awesome

We hope to meet him once again and try to follow him .
With his trips in the world.

Showing with his pics what we all miss ,and should be

Also his work on solar system is awesome
Date  ::   04 Nov 2010
Name  ::   Jen
Comment  ::   i think you're brilliant! im currently making a video slide about and i just need to ask you a two questions. you don't have to answer them if you don't want to.
1. Where were you born?
2. what was your most famous picture?
Date  ::   04 Nov 2010
Name  ::   Rob
Comment  ::   Hi Jen, happy to answer but you didn't leave an email. 1. Melbourne, 2.God's Portal
Date  ::   12 Nov 2010
Name  ::   Gary Camp
Location  ::   LA area, Calif USA
Comment  ::   Nice site Rob, I book marked it so I can come back and look closer later. Lotta nice stuff. Looks like a lot of work too. Well organized. I need to do that part better. If I hit the lottery maybe I can come and visit you.
Date  ::   08 Jan 2011
Name  ::   Noel
Location  ::   Queensland
Comment  ::   Your site is an inspiration, I love bushwalking and I dabble in
photography. Until now I have left my DSLR behind on long walks
and only taken a compact camera because of the weight. I have just
changed my mind... the things I have seen deserve the best camera
I can afford and I will be taking it with me from now on !
Date  ::   11 Jan 2011
Name  ::   Tim Austin
Location  ::   Tasmania
Comment  ::   Very Inspiring, Hope you are travelling well.
Happy New Year.
All The Best from Tasmania.
Date  ::   26 Jan 2011
Name  ::   Ian J Downie
Location  ::   Wesyt of Melbourne
Comment  ::   You are a man after my own heart. Been there, done that, still got the bruises to show for it.
Date  ::   19 Jul 2011
Name  ::   Lim Shien Long
Location  ::   Malaysia
Comment  ::   Inspired by your website.
Date  ::   11 Oct 2011
Name  ::   Jared Jones
Location  ::   Choctaw, Oklahoma. United States
Comment  ::   Hey Rob and Chris,
I am a new fan of you guys as of today when I discovered
your awesome vehicle when just doing some random web
browsing research for my next fabrication project. I loved
reading about your rain water collection system. I also
especially enjoyed the pics of your completed vehicle-
especially the one where it is backed up close to a beach. I
can only imagine the views you guys had of the Ocean at
night time. I look forward to following you guys here on the
web as you continue your build process and your next
adventures. I hope maybe someday my wife and I can start
exploring in our own off road RV. Good luck to you guys, my
prayers will be with you for safety and good fortune.

Thank you,
Jared Jones
Date  ::   28 Oct 2011
Name  ::   Michael Stancato
Location  ::   Downingtown, PA USA
Comment  ::   Love what you're doing and this site! Came here from Glenn's "To Simplify..." blog after a commenter mentioned this place.

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