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Date  ::   07 May 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   After an absence of 12 years the guestbook is back. I can't actually remember why I removed it all those years ago, no matter, feel free to say something nice about me
Date  ::   14 May 2019
Name  ::   Stealth Camper
Location  ::   Okrahoma
Comment  ::   Had not heard from you in a while at Nomadicista, so came looking. Found you here. Good to know. Will check in on occasion.
Date  ::   15 May 2019
Name  ::   Mr. Sharkey
Location  ::   On the Computer
Comment  ::   Which returned first, the Shark or the Graynomad?

... and why did he cross the road??
Date  ::   15 May 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Ha ha, I dunno the answer to the first question, but I normally cross the road to get to the hardware store to buy another tool.
Date  ::   29 Jun 2019
Name  ::   Adam Strong
Location  ::   Mackay Qld Australia
Comment  ::   Hi Rob,
Seen your website on an Arduino blog. I'm a preserver of the personal website as I think social media has a couple of little, issues. You have done a marvellous job. Thank you Sir for taking the time to documenting your journey.
Date  ::   29 Jun 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Adam,

Thanks, yes I too am not a big fan of social media, I do have an FB account but am not that active with it. My blog here has been running for 20 years and at any time I can easily go back and read what we did or where we were on a given date, can you imagine doing that on FB and even if you could they can change the rules at any time and POOF, it's all gone. I know because it happened to someone I used to know.

So lately I've been putting more time into this site.
Date  ::   22 Jul 2019
Name  ::   Philip and Jane Bessell-Browne
Location  ::   Nowra NSW
Comment  ::   Hi Rob. Good to see you are ok.
Was thinking if you the other day.
Date  ::   23 Jul 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Phillip,

Yeah we're still doin' fine. Dropped anchor on our land up here in central QLD. I often wonder how various family members are doing but I guess I'm too slack to actually try and find out Plus I don't have any contact details for you guys.

We really enjoyed your company all those years (about 20) ago, where does the time go eh?

Rob & Chris

Date  ::   07 Sep 2019
Name  ::   Stealth Camper
Location  ::   Oklahoma
Comment  ::   Well, just wanted to say hi again for a moment. Hope all is well with you and yours.
We have been enjoying a seemingly endless string of 98 deg days and 90% humidity. Can't believe I am about to say this, but looking forward to cooler weather.

And to add that nomadicista seems to have ended (or maybe my computer is messed up and won't allow connection). And the blog that Mr Sharkey had seems to have disappeared, too. Hope they are only temporarily off line...
Date  ::   12 Sep 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Yeah all is good here, just tinkerin' with small jobs and thinking about the design of a camper build in the Landcruiser.

Yep, it does look like nomadicista is having trouble, still there it seems but gives an SQL error, that's not a good sign.

Date  ::   30 Jun 2020
Name  ::   maxie harris
Location  ::   Mt Warning NSW
Comment  ::   great website Rob does ya proud
Date  ::   30 Jun 2020
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Thanks Maxie, and I'm doing a lot of work on it now so hopefully getting better as well.
Date  ::   07 Jul 2020
Name  ::   Marcos Fleming
Location  ::   Campinas-SP-Brazil
Comment  ::  
It was inspiring to read your diary, I'm starting a similar project with a Mercedes-Benz 1981 6x6 truck from the Brazilian Army, but I'm going to use a shipping container as my home. In your new tour if you come to South America, look for me, it will be a pleasure to receive you. (by Google Translate)
Date  ::   08 Jul 2020
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Marcos.

Thanks. I did some work for a Brazilian company a couple of years ago, they are down not far from the Pantanal and I was hoping they would invite me over to finish the job, then I could go take photos there. Never happened

Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever go overseas again.

Good luck with the build, it's a worthwhile thing to do that's for sure.

Date  ::   04 Jan 2021
Name  ::
Location  ::   CYPRUS
Comment  ::   Some great content here. All the best.
Date  ::   04 Jan 2021
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Thanks Dawn. I've been doing this for over 20 years. Unbelievable really.
Date  ::   18 Jan 2021
Name  ::   Darren
Location  ::   Uk
Comment  ::   Hi rob and wife and beer and trucks and amazing homestead

I am just getting to the end of building no3
Big mollie 3 🚒

I started No1 after taking to you On email
Which then I broke it into bits testing it
Then I got to No2 truck
And got very unwell and just gave up

But somehow now being still unwell
I am on the last leg of building the truck
I send you a email updated

Forever best wishes to you and all on your island 🌴
Date  ::   18 Jan 2021
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   #3 eh. You're a glutton for punishment

Yeah I'd love to see some pics when you get a chance.

We've had it pretty easy here, CV19 has had no effect on us. I hope it's not been too big a problem for you over there.
Date  ::   07 Oct 2021
Name  ::   Christian
Location  ::   Hobart
Comment  ::   What a refreshing collection of superb photos. The sensitivity in their composition and interplay with light are uplifting. Thanks for sharing them.
Date  ::   08 Oct 2021
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Thanks Christian, I don't think many people visit here any more, but it's nice to know that the photos are still appreciated
Date  ::   27 Nov 2021
Name  ::   CarnavQc
Location  ::   Quebec City, Canada
Comment  ::   Great setup!
Date  ::   28 Nov 2021
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Thanks. Yeah it works pretty well.
Date  ::   03 Dec 2021
Name  ::   Dan C.
Location  ::   Dallas TX
Comment  ::   Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey and life. I am in the process of designing and building an expedition camper - and you have really stretched my imagination ! Wonderful photography as well. Safe travels.
Date  ::   04 Dec 2021
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Dan,
Thanks for dropping in and saying g'day.

Building an expedition camper is one of the most interesting projects you can do IMO. So many different skills required and things to think about.

Good luck with yours.

Date  ::   04 Jan 2022
Name  ::   Bigkev
Location  ::   Lennox Head
Comment  ::   You still on the road, we met you on the Victoria River just out of Timber Creek July 2010?
Date  ::   07 Jan 2022
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Wow that was a lifetime ago eh? That was one of the best camps we've had, No we have dropped anchor now on land up near Bundaberg. Still got the truck but it's no longer registered as we don't plan to use it again.

A shame really as it's just wasting away.

Date  ::   03 Oct 2022
Name  ::   R Stockwell
Location  ::   Pamweh Chet Pictures
Comment  ::   Saw your light on thought moi would stop by and say hi Rob... Been a few weeks since the, "party" at the farm where we first met. Keep on Zone

Date  ::   03 Oct 2022
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Yeah the light is on, one good thing about being off grid, no blackouts I'll be back out later this month, probably the evening of Sat 29th.

"Pamweh Chet" You spend time in Rhodesia
Date  ::   13 Oct 2022
Name  ::   Max J Johns
Location  ::   Newcastle
Comment  ::   Hi Rob

Just came across your for sale ad reposted by Laurens Wildeboer. The truck is magnificent and you've really had some great adventures in it by the looks. Good luck with the sale. Max.
Date  ::   13 Oct 2022
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Thanks Max. It's going to be sad to see it go but I won't use it again and it's getting in worse condition every day, so time to be pragmatic.
Date  ::   30 Oct 2022
Name  ::   Cat Rooney
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   LoL, now, for the nice things. Impressive what you created and manifested with your wife over the years. (My heart goes out to you for your loss.)
It's a great way to live. Plus, it most likely will be the wave of the future with how things are going these days.
Bet your night sky pictures and sunsets/sunrises are something, but more importantly the feel of tranquity and independence from living on your land and in your home. True creativity.
I too am a product of the 70's. In my 30's tried working out how to be self sufficient with energy and food needs with small group, but some got too caught up in issues of land ownership and what not; so it did not get off ground. Closest to a simple life was living in mountains.
You've inspiring. I retire in year, have to push my boundaries to see how I want to spend my time with the next adventure of life. New set of dreams...
Look forward to exploring your blog more!

Date  ::   01 Nov 2022
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Cat,

I can see many advantages to having a community, but unfortunately that involves people and all the BS they bring with them. Trouble is you can't do everything yourself either.

The truck is up for sale now as you've probably seen, I've not really advertised it but have had a few people interested. Time for me to move on I think.

As for the way things are going, yes I might get a bit hairy in the next few years, I'm trying to isolate myself from that as much as is practical.

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