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I should be pissed off!
Yesterday I watched the Money show and Paul Clitheroe pointed out that the world's share markets have taken a beating over the past twelve months.

Today, while listening to the news, I was informed that Canberra real estate prices have skyrocketed during the previous year.

And what did we do last April, we sold three houses and moved what was left of our money, after paying the banks, into shares! AAAARGH!

Still that's life, I feel much freer without all that heavy bricks-and-mortar hanging around my neck, so you know what?, I don't care, things always work out.


Now that you've retired, or at least semi-retired, you have plenty of time on your hands and not as much money as you're used to. You need a cheap healthy activity and they don't come much cheaper or healthier than bushwalking.

As a pastime bushwalking is bascially free, but you do need some equipment to enjoy it and be safe. So I've just written an article discussing some of the clothing you should buy for your bushwalking, specifically boots.

Since starting the construction of our motor home three years ago I have only been on one or two walks and hardly taken any photos. But that's all about to change, the bushwalker is back, well nearly. The rig will be finished in a few weeks and I'm going back to some of the things I love doing.


Till next time then, and remember,

Don't Dream it, Be it!

25 June 2001

We've just spent two days at Lake George, an hour or so north of Canberra. I should be working on the truck so the only reason we took the time off was to meet Malcolm Street from Caravan & Motorhome magazine.

He photographed the truck and interviewed us for an upcoming edition, in three months he said. (Should be in the November edition which comes out in October ??)

We camped at the rest area below the lookout at the southern end of the lake (very nice with new dunnies) then moved up to the lookout to meet Malcolm.

While parked there we had visits from the RTA, traffic patrol, Japanese tourists etc. The usual thing.

 The deck overlooking Lake George and looking north up the highway.

 Interesting shadows under the truck showing the aggressive off-road tread pattern on the tyres.

On pulling out of the carpark we had a choice, south to Canberra and more work or north to places warm. We turned south, oh well.

I've finished the "library", pullout laundry chute, rubbish bin and the control panel.

 The "library", well some bookshelves at least.

 The slide-out rubbish and laundry bins.

 The control panel showing the various dials and switches required to monitor the solar, batteries etc.

20 July 2001

We've also got the computer equipment in and, even though the pantry was done months ago, I haven't shown a photo yet.

 The pantry in it's open position and the computer gear. There is a bifold pocket door that covers the computer when not in use.

The building we are currently working/living in has just been sold and the new owners want to move in.

There's no pressure but they would prefer sooner rather that later and as I said that we should be leaving in August they are hoping for "early" August.

We won't be finished by then but we have to set a date or we'll be here for ever, so it looks like we'll be off in a few weeks.

As I said there's no chance of being finished so I'm now concentrating on doing what absolutely has to be done and then installing things like a workbench so I can continue working on the road.


Date  ::   18 Oct 2019
Name  ::   paul
Comment  ::   wow, as time goes by. Mark 1 was the best.
Date  ::   18 Oct 2019
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Paul,

Yes it was an amazing piece of gear that's for sure. Mk2 is good in it's own ways, but Mk1 was very impressive.


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