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Living on the Road & Homesteading

On Sunday the 30th of September 2001 we drove our 30-year old ex-army truck from the workshop for the last time. At that point we were officially living on the road.

This section of is about our travels in "Wothahellizat Mk1", Australia's largest and weirdest off-road motorhome, and then "Wothahellizat Mk2", no longer the largest but probably still the weirdest off-road motorhome.

Now we have pretty much dropped anchor and are homesteading in the bush, so the diaries are more about building a house, clearing the land etc.

Shortly however (early 2021 I hope) we plan to start traveling again, but not full time, maybe 2-3 month trips each year, and not in Wothahellizat, I'll be building a camper on the Landcruiser. We'll see how it all pans out.

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For about 15 years we traveled around Australia in the above truck and/or our old 40-series Landcruiser. This mudmap gives an idea of the extent of those travels.