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In 2020 the web site had a major makeover, and part of that involved removing all the old scans, some of which were 25 years old and super-lo-res because in those days we connected with dial up modems...yes this web site is that I limited the size of each photo to 50k.

As part of the makeover I deleted nearly all the photos on this site and now I am slowly adding them back as higher-quality scans. That's why there are so many galleries acting as placeholders with just a few images (or even a single image in some cases). Stay tuned and they will fill out over the next few weeks.

New images

Recently added photos
(82 images)


Photos of Australian birds
(111 images)


(30 images)


(33 images)


(78 images)


(24 images)


(24 images)


Colour landscape images that are not panoramas
(110 images)


(51 images)


(84 images)


(33 images)


(51 images)


Things that aren't flowers or trees
(36 images)


Images of rural Australia.
(78 images)

  The outback

Photos from Australia's 'outback'.
(7 images)


People I've encountered over the years.
(19 images)

  Large format

This is a place holder, more images coming soon.
(1 image)


Various buildings and other structures from around Australia.
(118 images)


(19 images)


Various farm and industrial machinery.
(46 images)


Corrugated iron, old sheds, roofing detail, etc
(29 images)


This is a place holder, more images coming soon.
(2 images)

  QLD :: Wide Bay/Burnett

Scenes from the WBB area.
(115 images)

  QLD :: Wiiiiide Bay

Panos from the Wide Bay/Burnett area.
(15 images)

  NSW :: Northern Rivers

(9 images)

  NSW :: The Budawangs

Images of the Budawang ranges.
(25 images)

  NSW :: Kosciuszko

(20 images)

  NSW :: Far South Coast

Pambula, Wolumla, Eden, but mostly Merimbula.
(36 images)

  WA :: Karijini

Images from Karijini, arguably WA's best national park.
(27 images)

  UK :: London

Images from London in 1978/9.
(28 images)

  UK :: Other

A few photos from my last trips to the UK.
(16 images)


Photos from Paris France...well is there another one?
(41 images)


From my time in the 'States in 1978
(22 images)


Images from my time living in Auckland.
(15 images)


Images from my 1979 trip to Kenya.
(65 images)


This is a place holder, more images coming soon.
(2 images)


Photos modified to give them the look of painted artwork.
(33 images)

  Vintage look

Photos manipulated to give them the look of vintage prints.
(13 images)

  Faces in nature

A series of 'faces' created from photos of the natural world.
(23 images)


(28 images)


(6 images)

Other stuff

There are six B&W landscape images available as posters.
(6 images)